Fuel, Gears, and Lots of Velcro

By Nick Becker · January 22, 2017

Roarbotics is off to an excellent start this year. Following a few setbacks due to the snow ice day on kickoff, build season is in full swing over in the Makerspace. This is the inaugural FIRST Robotics Competition for the new Lovett Makerspace. Gone are the days when scrap metal and CIM motors dominated the entire work table in Room CC305. Lovett Robotics is now treated to an entire section of the room–and, so far, our turnout has justified it.

Attendance sheets show a greater number of regular contributors to Lovett Robotics than ever before–and it’s only week 2! Typically, new members begin to file in towards the end of the build season as we approach competitions (coincidentally around the same time word gets out that we’ll be missing school). This year, however, we have more people taking on serious design roles, and I believe we’ll be extremely capable in competition as a result.

Team demographics have shifted slightly as well. Our seniors continue to lead the team in practice and in out-of-school designing, though new faces are showing up each day. We now have several members from the freshman class, a few sophomores, and a couple new juniors registered for the team as well. It appears we are finally growing out of our rookie training wheels. All signs point to a very promising future for Team 5482.

In the next few weeks, we will likely collaborate with Team 3694 from North Atlanta High School across the street. Building field objects and other necessary practice items with 3694 gives us a great way to keep in touch with the Peachtree robotics community and maximize efficiency during build season. I am discussing the details with their president, and they seem as eager as we do to work together.

Updates and design previews will be posted in the coming weeks as we move on to our second and third prototypes. Currently, we are working on a gear capture/placement mechanism, a fuel (wiffle ball) intake, and low goal shooter.