Spring 2015 Outlook

By Josh Eiland · February 17, 2015

As our TARC rocket and HAB-2 projects are in full swing, we thought it would be suitable to publish a glimpse into what our spring schedule looks like. The following calendar gives tentative dates for major events, as well as an overview of the projects we hope to initiate and complete this upcoming year.


  • TARC and HAB-2 research, design, planning, and early development


  • February 28-29*: First TARC test launch

  • Rest of month: TARC improvements and HAB-2 electronics prototyping and programming

*changed due to motor availability


  • March 4-6: Gameboy emulator prototyping (a Raspberry Pi based video game console, more details to come)

  • March 14: Second TARC test launch, followed immediately by HAB-2 launch and retrieval (quite a day)

  • March 21: TARC qualification launch (details still being determined)

  • March 22-29: TARC qualification launch rain dates

  • March 30: All TARC qualifying scores are due - no further launches allowed after this point

  • Rest of month: Focused preparation for GSBC with improvements based on observations of the HAB-2 flight


  • April 3: TARC Top 100 Teams (qualifiers for the Final round) announced

  • April 11: First GSBC launch with specific specializations and goals

  • April 25: Second GSBC launch with different specializations and goals, including basic applicable improvements from the GSBC-1 launch

  • Rest of month: Hopefully making adjustments for the ensuing TARC Finals round, and also organizing and analyzing data from GSBC recordings


  • May 9: If all goes well and we qualify, TARC Final Fly-off in Virginia

  • Rest of month:

    • New projects to be announced!

    • Researching and planning for competitions in the summer and 2015-2016 academic year (I have a very exciting balloon launch planned for late next fall… hopefully I will be announcing this idea in a post in the not-too-distant future)

For clarification, TARC test launches are simply for the team to evaluate all aspects of the rocket’s performance in order to prepare it for competition, while TARC qualification launches are the trials that are actually compiled and judged as part of the national competition.