Fall 2016 Approach

By Josh Eiland · September 16, 2016

As my graduation looms in the increasingly near future, I have begun to prioritize the preparation of the Makers Club for the next phase of its existence. As such, Anthony and I have begun to shift the leadership of the organization into the hands of the younger members, particularly our Sophomores and a few new Freshmen. We have begun to contribute primarily as overseers of their projects; as we let them take the stage and establish the next face of the club, we are trying to serve as mentors and really let them take control.

This has led the group to transform from the entity we’ve seen before into something new but equally valuable to our school community. With the entry of our new faculty sponsor Mr. Cooper, the projects have decreased in scale but increased in width, including ideas such as interactive sensor-based art creations for Lower Schoolers and smaller-scale robots based on kits such as Tetrix and Lego Mindstorms. I believe that these projects, while they don’t carry the same “wow” factor as our past creations, will be incredibly valuable as we seek to extend our resources and expertise to younger students and others who may not have previously known about what we do.

Ultimately, our goal going forward is to not only continue the handoff of leadership into younger hands as we prepare for our departure, but also to ensure that the foundation and direction of the club is in a position to make the continued success of the club certain. It promises to be an exciting fall as we see how the club will morph into its next phase.