By Josh Eiland · February 2, 2016

With our absolutely breathtaking new Makerspace, complete with laser cutter, new 3D printers, an abundance of new soldering irons and materials, as well as our fantastic new CNC router, it is the perfect time to turn our focus from the projects we’ve been conducting over the past few years to the coming year’s new endeavors.

As such, we are hosting an Open House, with pizza of course, to attract members of our Upper School to visit the Makerspace and hear from us about the opportunities offered in the Makers Club. In order to demonstrate the wide variety of things we are working on and the resources we have to offer, we have split up the room into a variety of stations:

Station 1 - Soldering / Electronics

Manned By: Byron

Supplies List: Soldering iron, solder, board, resistors, arduino

Station 2 - 3D Printing

Manned By: Davis E

Supplies List: Printer, filament, computer

Station 3 - Laser cutter

Manned By: Anthony

Supplies List: Laser cutter, wood, computer

Station 4 - Circuit Building

Manned By: Ezekiel

Supplies List: circuit board, LEDs, batteries

Station 5 - Programming

Manned By: Ethan

Supplies List: laptop, emulator, arduino

Station 6 - Past Projects

Manned By: Josh

Supplies List: Computer and HAB payload elements

Activity Notes: Website up showing balloon and rocket blogs

Station 7 - FRC

Manned By: Nick

Supplies List: Big shiny display, robot, also laptop

Activity Notes: Tech support potentially necessary

Station 8 - Tetrix

Manned By: Wils

Supplies List: all of the tetrix

Activity Notes: it’s like legos but for bigger kids

We are hopeful that this session will attract new people to the club who may not have previously considered themselves interested in engineering or science projects, but at the very least, it will bring people (for the pizza if nothing else) to the corner of campus where we reside, which is valuable in itself since upper school students are scarcely in the same building for their classes. It is going to be a great opportunity for us to showcase our previous work and to begin establishing the future of this club with younger Makers hopping on board.