An Exciting New Era: Makerspace Development

By Joshua Eiland & Nick Becker · September 15, 2015

As we approach the conclusion of the third year of the Makers Club, we are incredibly grateful for the work of Mrs. Deisley and thrilled to announce that this coming summer we will be moving into a drastically improved space. Inhabiting an old, unused science classroom for the past 3 years, it will be a revolutionary change for the way that the club functions and hopefully attract new members. We will not only be gaining a ton more space to work, but also get to customize the space to our needs and have a lot of input as to how it looks and what is inside.

We recently met to discuss our priorities for the space, and an outline of our thoughts at the moment is as follows:

Project Storage

  • e.g., High altitude balloon and robot
  • e.g., Smaller projects
  • Where might we be able to store projects that we can have easy access and keep them secure

Materials Storage

  • Divide by grade levels / age-appropriate materials
  • Compact shelving
  • Labeling and filing systems


  • Need for adult supervision in spaces
  • Can we certify students so they could be “badged” to oversee/use spaces?
    • Labcoats of different colors to be worn as badges and associated with various tools/processes
  • Can non-tech theater faculty be trained to support the tech theater

Scheduling System

  • Queue for projects on 3D printers
  • Scheduling the space in general

Whiteboard Space

  • Stackable and moveable
  • Z-rack build (


  • Need for projector and screen (handheld, portable for now)
  • Moveable/writeable tables/spaces
  • Drop down power access (ask Jeff Rountree)

What To Do With:

  • File cabinets (empty and dispose of)
  • Radio (display somewhere?)
  • Satellite (display somewhere?)
  • Lathe (move to tech workshop–challenge of needing to monitor? use a drop cam?)
  • CNC router (move to tech workshop)
  • Rolling Racks

Purchase List:

  • Assortment of resistors (1)
  • Mini shelving containers for resistor
  • Soldering iron tip (1)
  • Benchtop power supply (1)
  • Breadboards (10) Aliexpress
  • Stranded jumper wire (2) Aliexpress
  • Solid core wire (2)
  • Soldering iron cleaner (1)
  • USB B cables (8)
  • Assortment of LEDs for workshops/projects (1) Aliexpress
  • Mini servos pack of 10 (2) Aliexpress

This expansion is a real testament to what this club has been able to accomplish so far, and the fact that the school is dedicating such an immense amount of money and effort to the future of STEM education and extracurricular organizations in this way is promising for an even more successful future to come!