GSBC 2016: HAB-5 Introduction and Launch Plan

By Anthony Romaniello · April 19, 2016

We are excited to launch our 5th, and potentially final, high-altitude balloon in the coming weeks, as an entry to the 2016 Global Space Balloon Challenge. Unlike previous iterations of our HAB series, it will feature our APRS configuration as our primary source of tracking, with the SPOT serving as a backup. Furthermore, the payload will see a complete redesign as we create our lightest balloon yet in order to optimize altitude. Our goals and initial ideas, drafted in our last meeting, are as follow:

Video of Sunrise

  • Calculate sunrise times for dates
  • Look at cloud cover / weather


  • Outside of Atlanta Airport for FAA

Working Datalogger

  • See below

Innovative Experiment

  • Not just data, also a hypothesis and a conclusion
  • Creativity = key

Arduino Powered Tracking

  • Retest tracking
  • Debug software

Buddy Payload

  • Scientific Experiment
  • Group Cred

Potential Pictures

  • Retest Canon camera script
  • Maybe use legitimate DSLR if testing advances enough

Crowdsourced Science Experiments & Involvement/Outreach to science classrooms

  • Talk to physics/biology/chemistry classes about high altitude science
  • Develop experiments to carry on HAB 5
    • Most likely delay this until future projects unless time permits

We look forward to incorporating the ideas of younger students in this balloon and teaching them both the engineering and leadership skills necessary to organize projects of this scale in the future and hopefully continue to contend in the Global Space Balloon Challenge in coming years.